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学校坚持德育为首,以社会主义核心价值观和优质学校文化引领学生成长。确立“儿童心灵、少年精神、外小情怀”的德育目标,以爱的教育为基点,积极探索“人格塑造+养成教育+能力实践+多元评价”的德育工作模式,引导学生树立高尚思想情怀,强化行为养成教育,努力构建学校、家庭、社会一体化的现代教育体系,促进学生全 面、健康成长。






Shenzhen Foreign Language Primary School (SFLPS), founded in 2000, has developed into one of China’s most prestigious primary schools with more than a thousand students and nearly 100 faculty members.

The past two decades have witnessed our sincere desire to build upon the advances Shenzhen Foreign Languages Schools have made and we are determined to continue along this positive path. Committed to our shared vision of education, namely “to promote whole-person education, and to create a joyful and fulfilling learning environment for the students”, the teachers at SFLPS use teaching methods with evidence-based outcomes for elementary school learners and strives to provide our students with an engaging curriculum and limitless learning opportunities. In an effort to enable all students to grow and excel all through their pursuit of knowledge, skills and virtues, we have fostered a positive school culture that values love, aesthetics, pragmatism, diversity and creativity.

The 24-word core socialist values have a fundamental role in our moral values education and school culture. In order to cultivate positive personality traits, to instill kindness, ambition and gratitude in our children, and to construct a diversified evaluation system that encourages students to develop their full potential, SFLPS has initiated a wide range of moral education activities intended for helping students grow into socially responsible and self-motivated adults in the future. SFLPS faculty and staff, parents and the community as a whole have worked hand in hand to achieve this end.

“Students-centered learning and all-around development” has always been one of the main guiding principles of SFLPS’s curriculum development. We give top priority to the innovative arrangement of curricula and teaching strategies and the development of students’ full potential. Our recent improvements in classroom teaching and learning practices are in line with the national education reforms revolving around reducing students’ learning burden, enhancing learning motivation and improving learning efficiency, which not only tremendously improves students’ active class participation but also helps build an equal and positive relationship between teachers and students.

As a foreign languages school, we focus on building a strong teacher team, creating a broad multilingual curriculum, developing students' communication skills and encouraging the application of the language skills learnt at school, which contributes to the improvement of the quality of our education. Our school vigorously promotes STEAM education, carries out PBL learning, created the “Starting Point” makers’ lab, and established Nuobao, MBOT, VEX and Lego robot clubs. Through various activities of themed projects, our school cultivates students' innovative spirit, scientific and technological literacy. Our school continues to explore the integration of modern information technology and teaching, strengthen the era of Internet+ remote education, flipped classes, online classes and live broadcast classes. A lot of effort has been put in the research of such innovative practices. We are trying to personalize the way students learn in order to make learning fun for them. Our school strengthens physical education, arts education, enhances the students’ physical strength, skills and their health level, and hone students’ artistic and creative flair.

Our school insists on cultural confidence and educational confidence, constantly explores the practical research on the combination of the advantages of Chinese and western education, actively promotes the internationalization of education, and strives to produce future global citizens with innovative spirit and international qualities rooted in the profound Chinese culture. Our school has broadened students’ international vision, promoted cross-cultural communication, and carried out various forms of overseas study tours. We have established friendly exchange relations with schools in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries.

Great achievements have been made during the past two decades. In the new era, we will further deepen the reform of education, promote the scientific development of the school in an innovative way, build a strong school brand, further explore a contemporary education model with Chinese characteristics, and strive to build our school into a high-quality modern Chinese school competitive in the world.